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Jerome F. Rock

Jerome F. Rock is an attorney, engineer, and former business executive who maintains a full-time practice as a mediator and arbitrator for general civil, insurance and indemnity, business, technology, and construction industry disputes.

Jerry is the author of the chapter on Settlement and Negotiation for Michigan Civil Procedure, the comprehensive treatise published by the Institute for Continuing Legal Education.  His focus on academic research has a strong practical application that brings additional sophistication to the negotiation and settlement process.  He is a strong, positive force and a pragmatic problem solver in helping plaintiff or defense counsel deal with complicated situations and difficult clients.

Although currently a full-time neutral, he previously handled complex business transactions and disputes, and therefore understands all sides in the litigation dynamic.  He was a founding partner of Jacob & Weingarten (a business focused law firm), has two engineering degrees, and holds a U.S. Patent. He also served as the chief executive of a $40 million engineering firm where he was involved in developing sophisticated engineering and construction applications for the auto, construction, and telecommunications industries, and negotiated joint venture and development agreements with companies around the world.

Jerry believes mediation and facilitation should be viewed as a process, not simply an event, and that there are many instances where the parties can fashion better outcomes, earlier, by adopting and executing a customized ADR process.  As a neutral, he understands both sides of the dispute, and accepts the responsibility to assist all sides in fashioning a result that is satisfactory and pragmatic.

Jerry sits on panels for the American Arbitration Association in commercial, construction, labor, and large complex cases, and has served on the Association’s faculty as well.  Additionally, he is on the panel of civil mediators for the Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw County Circuit Courts, with a focus on early case intervention and as a subject matter expert in Business Court facilitation.  He has served as court-appointed mediator and special master in federal and state courts and acts as a facilitator of negotiations for complex business transactions. He also participates as a member of dispute resolution boards, and as a standing neutral.