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William J. Caprathe

Judge William Caprathe has the experience and ability to efficiently conduct all types of alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Judge Caprathe spent 15 years as a successful trial attorney before being elected to the Bay County Circuit Court in 1980, where he served as Chief Judge from 1984 through 1997.  In 1998, he became President of the Michigan Judge’s Association and later chaired the State Bar of Michigan’s Judicial Conference.  He is a Certified FINRA Arbitrator, Certified Community Resolution Centers Mediator, and graduate of the National Judicial College’s Dispute Resolution Skills Program.

After serving 30 years on the bench, Judge Caprathe retired at the end of 2010.  Since then, he continues to sit on assignment, and he conducts mediations and arbitrations.  His experience involves all the types of cases that come before Michigan Courts and which includes conducting many settlement conferences and trials, both jury and non-jury.  This experience enables him to help litigants to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s cases, and work together to find solutions that best satisfy their interests.

He focuses his mediation and arbitration services on torts, product liability, malpractice, contracts, securities, employment, and domestic relations disputes, but has often said that he is willing to help parties resolve any type of dispute and travel to where the need exists.