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Courtroom litigation can be expensive in both dollars and time. That’s why you need PREMi.

PREMi is comprised of seasoned conflict resolution experts, experienced in various resolution processes, and capable of intervening at any time during a dispute to assist and facilitate the parties toward resolution. We help resolve complex litigation matters involving a wide range of issues and parties, and our knowledge of the law behind the case – your case – increases the probability of resolving the dispute and substantially reducing the associated time and expense.

Unlike other ADR providers, PREMi doesn’t charge administration fees – you only pay for the expertise of our professionals.

When you need to resolve your dispute quickly, fairly, and economically, you need Professional Resolution Experts of Michigan – PREMi.



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Court Rule Amendments - It Isn’t Your Traditional Litigation Plan Anymore

With the promulgation of the Michigan Supreme Court’s Order 2018-19, many significant and important amendments to the Michigan Court Rules will become effective January 1, 2020. This article provides a brief overview of only a few of these amendments and identifies a number of potential suggested strategies that may give rise to a reconsideration of your current litigation practices. Read More