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Laura  A. Athens


Laura A. Athens is an attorney, mediator, facilitator and arbitrator in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Ms. Athens provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in a variety of matters, including elementary and secondary special and general education… SEE FULL BIO

Earlene R. Baggett-Hayes


Earlene Baggett-Hayes has utilized alternative dispute resolution throughout her career. As an attorney, she has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in various aspects of employment and labor law, approaching litigation vociferously and zealously…    SEE FULL BIO

Joseph C. Basta


Joseph Basta uniquely combines wide-ranging experience in trial and litigation work with a deep background in mediation.Beginning his career as a federal judicial law clerk in the Eastern District of Michigan, Joe moved to Dykema Gossett PLLC where, for over 34 years, he tried jury and non-jury cases… SEE FULL BIO

Gene Esshaki*


Regarded as one of the top mediators and arbitrators in the State of Michigan, Gene Esshaki has been called upon by numerous State and Federal Judges to assist in solving some of their most complex commercial cases …                              *emeritus member

William D. Gilbride, Jr.


Bill has represented a variety of clients in the boardroom and the courtroom, providing a collection of perspectives and insights that now inform his role as a neutral. Throughout his career, he has represented a variety of clients in state and federal courts and administrative tribunalsSEE FULL BIO

Lee Hornberger


Lee Hornberger is a former Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the State Bar of Michigan, former Editor of The Michigan Dispute Resolution Journal, former Chair of the ADR Committee of the Grand Traverse-Leelanau-Antrim Bar
Association, former member of the…

Richard L. Hurford


Richard L. Hurford is the President of Richard Hurford Dispute Resolution Services, P.C and a principal in ADRoit Dispute Resolution Services and Strongbridge Negotiation Strategists, P.C.  With over 40 years of litigation experience and service as a neutral in ADR processes he was recently inducted into… SEE FULL BIO

Michael S. Leib


Mike Leib is a valued arbitrator and mediator, located in Southeast Michigan.  While he mediates and arbitrates cases primarily located in the Detroit Metropolitan area, he is able to service a much larger area through remote platforms.
He handles both non-administered and administered arbitrations and is a member of the American Arbitration Association… SEE FULL BIO

Paul F. Monicatti


Paul Monicatti has been an arbitrator since 1983, pioneered the use of mediation in Michigan in the mid-1980s, and since 1990 has been a full-time professional mediator and arbitrator in Michigan and other venues.

Paul has extensive training and experience in all phases of … SEE FULL BIO

Antoinette R. Raheem


Toni Raheem has more than 30 years of experience in the practice of law, more than a decade of which she has served exclusively as a mediator, arbitrator or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) neutral…

Jerome F. Rock


Jerome F. Rock is an attorney, engineer, and former business executive who maintains a full-time practice as a mediator and arbitrator for general civil, insurance and indemnity, business, technology, and construction industry disputes. Jerry is the author of the chapter on Settlement and Negotiation for Michigan Civil Procedure, the comprehensive treatise published by…

Phillip A. Schaedler,
Deputy Executive Director


Phillip Schaedler began his legal career with the defense litigation law firm of Janes & Hall P.C. in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, representing local health care facilities, physicians, and financial institutions. In 1984, Phill began a 20-year career in the health care and insurance industry representing some of the nation’s leading community hospitals and health care systems as well as…

Sheldon J. Stark*


Sheldon J. Stark has been offering mediation and arbitration services for approximately 30 years.  Shel was a distinguished and successful trial lawyer, focusing his practice on employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, police misconduct and commercial litigation. He was frequently retained as an expert witness and organized numerous amicus efforts to address cutting-edge issues in…  SEE FULL BIO.  *emeritus member.

Lisa Taylor


Lisa Taylor brings three decades of legal experience and almost two decades of alternative dispute resolution experience to Professional Resolution Experts of Michigan, focusing exclusively on the use of mediation to resolve domestic disputes since 2008. After earning both her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and her Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan, she represented clients in a… SEE FULL BIO

Lisa W. Timmons


Lisa is a highly qualified and experienced arbitrator and mediator of labor and employment, commercial, general civil, probate, domestic relations, and real estate cases. She also offers pro bono mediation to resolve §1983 cases for the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan, and discovery motions on the general civil and business court dockets in Oakland County Circuit CourtSEE FULL BIO.

Martin C. Weisman

Executive Director


One of PREMi’s original founders, Martin Weisman offers a wealth of experience in alternative dispute resolution approaches, formats, and successes. Marty is an accomplished advocate in his own right, having focused his practice on commercial litigation for more than 40 years, representing plaintiffs and​… SEE FULL BIO

Robert E. L. Wright,
Executive Director


Robert Wright has a wealth of experience in ADR as a seasoned and respected litigator, arbitrator, and mediator for more than 30 years. Recognized as a statewide leader of mediation, Bob has participated as either a neutral or a representative in ADR proceedings involving more than a thousand individuals and businesses in both business and personal disputes…

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