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In Memory of William Louis Weber, Jr.

  William Louis Weber, Jr.December 9, 1934 - October 17, 2021 William Louis Weber, Jr., of Kenmore, Washington (formerly from Beverly Hills, Michigan) passed away peacefully surrounded by his beloved wife, Bridget and five devoted children William III and his wife...

Why you should consider joint sessions in your next mediation

  By Sheldon J. Stark – Mediator and Arbitrator Introduction1Because no two disputes are precisely alike, the best tools for settling them are probably not the same, either. Fortunately, mediation is a flexible process, which can be tailored to meet the unique aspects...

Football fairness: Lessons for ADR?

   Joe Basta “It’s not fair!” How many times have mediators and negotiators heard that refrain? Whether from the mouth of the negotiator across the table or the politician seeking higher taxes, everyone wants their “fair share.” But what is ‘”fairness” anyway? Is...

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Laura A. Athens

Online Dispute Resolution: YOU CAN DO THIS!

              Robert E. L. Wright Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) may refer to any form of alternative dispute resolution conducted with the aid of a computer. Two in particular, mediation and arbitration, are proceeded by a variety of...

Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Virtual World Updated

    Martin C. Weisman Well before the current pandemic crisis, I wrote an article entitled “Alternative Dispute Resolution in a Virtual World” published June 26, 2019 in the Detroit Legal News and reprinted with permission on the PREMI website (

What Factors to Consider When Selecting an Arbitrator

    Martin Weisman In 2013, the American Arbitration Association amended its Commercial Rules and in 2014 the Michigan Legislature adopted the Revised Uniform Arbitration Act ("MCLA 691.1681, et seq.). These two new sets of rules increased the efficiency of the...

Mediating Pro Se Prisoner Civil Rights Cases: Mediator Strategy

  Earlene R. Baggett-Hayes It is often said that effective mediators can mediate cases ranging from day-care center disputes to foreign affairs conflicts. Somewhere within that continuum of cases are conflicts brought by prisoners against prisons and other related...

Facilitating positive change in the workplace

  Laura A. Athens Facilitation can be an invaluable tool to promote a positive work environment and prevent escalation of employment disputes. In contrast to mediation, which focuses on disputes that have reached an impasse or resulted in filing of a formal...

Who Is Bound to An Agreement to Arbitrate?

  By William D. Gilbride Jr. In some circumstances, non-signatories to agreements mandating arbitration can be compelled to have their complaints decided in arbitration. This article describes five situations in which a non-signatory to the arbitration agreement may...

Arbitration Advocacy

  Martin Weisman Arbitrations are meant to be cost efficient, quick and more informal than courtroom litigation. However, many litigators seem to forget that. Arbitration pre-hearing conference orders often include phrases such as “the rules of evidence will be...






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