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Reflections on Civility and Ethics

By Lee Hornberger This article discusses some civility and ethical issues we experience in our professional practices. While accepting the Republican presidential nomination on July 16, 1964, Senator Barry Goldwater said: “I would remind you that extremism in the...

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Co-mediation: “Shall we dance?”

By Earlene R. Baggett-Hayesand Joyce A. G. Mitchell Co-mediation is a conflict resolution approach that has many similarities to the tango. The tango is a ballroom and social dance that originated in the 1880s along the border between Uruguay and Argentina. While the...

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“The Next Level for ADR”

By Antoinette Raheem Many of us cannot count the number of times we have looked at the day’s news, been saddened, discouraged and sometimes overwhelmed by it, and felt helpless to do anything about what we witnessed.  Our feeling of helplessness no doubt arose from...

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Self-Determination in Mediation

.         By Robert E. L. Wright, Mediator & Arbitrator... First Appearing in the Oakland County Legal News May 2022. Allowing parties to make their own choices and come to their own decisions regarding the outcome of a dispute is a fundamental...

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In Memory of William Louis Weber, Jr.

  William Louis Weber, Jr.December 9, 1934 - October 17, 2021 William Louis Weber, Jr., of Kenmore, Washington (formerly from Beverly Hills, Michigan) passed away peacefully surrounded by his beloved wife, Bridget and five devoted children William III and his wife...

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Football fairness: Lessons for ADR?

   Joe Basta “It’s not fair!” How many times have mediators and negotiators heard that refrain? Whether from the mouth of the negotiator across the table or the politician seeking higher taxes, everyone wants their “fair share.” But what is ‘”fairness” anyway? Is...

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Are they crazy? No, just human!

  Richard L. Hurford In last month’s ADR Spotlight, my PREMI colleague, Laura Athens, authored an incredibly insightful and important article on the psychology of conflict and how litigants process information when in conflict.  As this discussion goes to the heart of...

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